Dutch students against non-resident foreigners: “They downgrade away from our universities”

The traditional policy of opening Dutch universities to foreign students may soon be a thing of the past. Describing the flow of foreign minds to Dutch universities as “explosive right now”, local student associations are calling for a “temporary” brake. According to statistics, foreigners they represent 40% of first-year students at Dutch universities.

A figure that convinced the student associations Lsvb and Iso to demand a temporary ceiling on enrollment of foreign students, the paper reported. nu.nl. In a parliamentary debate on Wednesday, Education Minister Robert Dijkgraaf even said he favored “permanently halting” the arrival of cross-border students.

Whatever the method, Terri Van der Velden, spokesperson for the student organization Iso, said that “something has to be done, because this influx is hurting the quality of teaching.” According to Dutch representative organisations, teachers have difficulties in managing much larger groups of students than in the past, which will lead to less time devoted to individual assistance for graduating students.

“Furthermore, teachers need to fix many more exams. So the work pressure is even higher for them,” added van der Velden. Another factor contributing to the deterioration of teaching quality associated with the presence of too many foreigners will be the use of the English language in the classroom. “Not all teachers can teach English of the same quality as Dutch speakers,” said Joram van Velzen, head of the Lsvb organisation. The latter is a recurring debate in the Netherlands, where more conservative parties argue that all degree courses should be taught only in Dutch.

A final problem is represented by the rental housing market, which is literally saturated by students in university cities such as Groningen or Utrecht. This is why local organizations demand a system that gives privileges to Dutch university students.

Source: Today IT