The Pentagon warned of “a Chinese spy bubble in American skies”.

Alert in the United States after the sighting of a Chinese blimp. Basically a “spy” flying over Montana. The story is being watched by the Pentagon. The report also came from civilians on a commercial plane. The observation occurred a few days before Foreign Minister Antony Blinken’s trip to the Chinese capital and is considered one of Beijing’s most aggressive intelligence-gathering maneuvers in recent years.

Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said the United States had “detected and monitored a high-altitude surveillance balloon that is now over the continental US.” protect itself from the collection of sensitive information,” he continued.

President Biden was also briefed by senior defense officials. The president would give the ball as an indication to hit it from high altitude. The Pentagon opposed the move for fear of civilian casualties.

A video circulating the internet was filmed by a private individual named Chase Doak in Billings, Montana, and subsequently re-released by local media. The Reuters agency also released the footage with the warning that they could not confirm that the object being filmed actually existed. The Chinese spy bubble that the Pentagon was talking about.

The second suspected Chinese spy balloon is being tracked by the Canadian national defense. “The high-altitude surveillance balloon has been detected and its movements are being actively monitored by NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command,” the national defense statement said. “Canadians are – reportedly – safe and we are taking measures to ensure the safety of their airspace, including monitoring for a potential second accident”.

Source: Today IT