Five new railway stations could be built in Wales as part of plans to improve transport links with England. They will likely be based in south east Wales on the main line between Cardiff and Bristol.

The UK and Wales governments have announced that they are working together on a £2.7m study to develop options for new stations and services on the South Wales Main Line to alleviate congestion on the M4 between the bridge and Wales. Welsh. capital.

It follows Lord Peter Handy’s UK Transport Review 2021, which highlighted the need to reduce congestion on the M4 to facilitate cross-border travel. Places in Wales that need better links.

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The study will look at a number of options, including the creation of five new stations between Cardiff and the Severn Tunnel.

Richard Holden, UK Government Secretary for Transport, said: “Improving transport links is a vital part of how we transform opportunity for people across the UK. That’s why I’m so pleased that, working with the Welsh Government, we are starting extensive work to improve connectivity and drive growth.”

Welsh Minister David TC Davies said: “Good transport links between south Wales and the west of England are vital to the Welsh economy, allowing businesses to grow and prosper and making life easier for people traveling on business. and at leisure.

“This funding from the UK Government is vital in exploring how best to reduce congestion in South Wales.

“I’m delighted to be working with the Welsh government on plans that could have a huge impact on the thousands of people who use South Wales’ transport network every day.”

Lee Waters, Under-Secretary for Transport for Climate Change in the Welsh Government, said: “This is a key step to tackle congestion around Newport and was one of the key recommendations of the Burns Commission, backed by Lord Peter’s Union Connectivity. Useful. Review.

“The business case is compelling and we look forward to attracting more people to South Wales Main Line trains, complementing the Welsh Government’s investment in improving rail access.”

The South East Wales Transport Commission, chaired by Lord Burns, published a report in November 2020 to investigate sustainable ways of dealing with congestion on the M4.

Lord Handy’s review also proposed better transport links between North Wales and North West England, better links between Wales and HS2 services, and a package of measures to reduce journey times between Cardiff and Birmingham. .

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