A close friend of the missing dog breeder, Nicola Bulli, broke down live as she joined the search that marked seven days after the mother of two went missing. Emma White said Friday was a “tough milestone” for all of her family and friends.

She told how Nicola’s friends were at the scene with signs and banners, hoping to raise awareness and information about the 45-year-old’s disappearance.

Nicola, known as Nikki, was walking her dog Willow along the riverbank in St Michaels on the Wyre, a Lancashire village, when she disappeared at around 9.10am.

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Emma, ​​who has known Nikki for 10 years, told BBC Breakfast: “In seven days’ time, hopefully someone who passed by last Friday will remember seeing something.

“We just need a ray of hope and some information.”

Emma has stayed in close contact with Nikki’s partner Paul and his family over the last seven days. When asked how they exposed themselves, he said: “Put yourself in their shoes. The journey they undertake is, as Paul described it, “an everlasting nightmare.”

“They are the closest family, and these poor girls ask the question, “Where is Mommy?”, “How is Mommy?” Even today, little one. Dad didn’t do his hair right and she said, “Mom, yes.” Paul is worried about this deep anxiety, sadness, anguish, but for these two girls it must be very strong.”

The last time Nikki was seen.

8:43 am – Nikki Bulley was walking along the Wyre River path after dropping her kids off at school.

Around 8:50 am. – Someone who knows Nikki stopped with her dog to say hi while Nicola walked through the lower field with her dog.

8:53 am – Nikki sent an email to her boss.

9.01 – Entered the Teams challenge.

Around 9:10 am – Another witness sees Nikki with her dog.

9:30 am – The team call ended, but she remained on the line.

Around 9:35 am – Cell phone and dog Nikola were found by another dog owner near the river.

Describing her friend, Emma tearfully said: “Nikki is the most beautiful person. You’ve seen the pictures, it’s just as beautiful inside as it is outside. She is the kindest soul. She’s caring, she’s caring. Then you add in Paul and a little magic and they become two lovely people who just want to know where their mother is.

“Our children are great friends, and my little girl wrote a letter to the family. They would tell the girls if they wanted to hug or talk. We are reaching out to you today. We just need something. It doesn’t make sense, which is why the community doesn’t act.”

Nicola Bulli, 45, was last seen on the morning of Friday, January 27th.

On Thursday, Nikki’s parents, Ernest and Dot, appeared on television with Nicola’s sister, Louise Cunningham. One family said they were “caught up in a nightmare” after the mother-of-two “vanished into thin air”.

Another friend said Nikki texted him to meet his kids next week.

A friend told the Daily Express: “He made an appointment for 8.57am, texted a friend whose mortgage he recently signed to arrange for the girls to go out for tea this week.”

The friend said the message indicated that Nicola had no intention of disappearing.

She said, “You wouldn’t do that if you were going to get up and disappear.”

Nicola is Caucasian, 1.70 m tall, with shoulder-length light brown hair. He speaks with an Essex accent. She was last seen wearing a long sleeveless black hooded jacket, black jeans and olive green boots. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail.

Anyone who has seen Nicola or has information about her whereabouts should call 101, quoting log 565 of January 30. Call 999 for an immediate appointment.

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