More than 1800 arrests for child marriage in India

More than 1800 arrests for child marriage in India

In India’s northeastern state of Assam, more than 1,800 men have been arrested for marrying or arranging marriages with underage girls. Prime Minister Sharma said the arrests were the start of a long-term crackdown on such marriages.

Sharma told Reuters he expects more arrests, including those recording child marriages in temples and mosques.

Although it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to marry, it is still common in India. In 2020, UNICEF calculated that around 1.5 million underage girls get married each year. According to the United Nations estimates, there are approximately 223 million child brides in the country, which is the most in the world.

“Child marriages are the leading cause of pregnancy,” Sharma says. “And that leads to high maternal and child mortality.” According to the Prime Minister, the detainees come from all walks of life and religion.

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Nationwide, the number of marriages involving minors has decreased. From around 48 percent in 2009 to 27 percent, Unicef’s figures showed in 2019. The decline is mainly due to girls’ access to education. This makes them aware of the laws against early marriage and women’s rights and helps them plan for a different future.

Meanwhile, it has increased during the corona epidemic, especially due to restrictive measures such as the closure of schools.

According to the prime minister, the state government has now registered more than 4,000 cases of child marriage.

Source: NOS