El Salvador: Bukele defends macro prison for 40,000 inmates

El Salvador: Bukele defends macro prison for 40,000 inmates

Defending the construction of a new prison with a capacity of about 40,000 prisoners, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele reiterated that this mega-factory, built in just seven months, is “a fundamental piece to end the war against gangs once and for all.” ”.

Bukele has made combating these groups one of the main mantras of his administration, which is why he no longer hesitates to classify El Salvador as “The safest country in America” ​​due to the reduction in the death rate.

“How did we do? Putting criminals in jail Is there room? Well, yes,” the president said in a series of messages on Twitter, assuring that the detainees of this new Terrorism Confinement Center would not be able to escape or “give orders from within.” “A work of common sense,” he insisted.

The Salvadoran government has defended these facilities against criticism from organizations such as Human Rights Watch (HRW), which defend them. The center does not comply with United Nations international regulations on the treatment of detainees.

Also questionable by international observers is the derogation enacted in El Salvador in March 2022 to combat the spate of murders, as it is believed to give wings to the authorities’ excesses.

The Terrorism Containment Center was inaugurated Tuesday this week without the presence of the press.

On a national media outlet, the Bukele government released a video of the president walking through the prison with a group of officials.

A press service from the Government Communications Office confirmed to EFE that the prison was inaugurated with this visit.

On July 21, the president stated in a message on Twitter that this prison will “hold 40,000 terrorists isolated from the outside world.” without knowing the labor costs.

Public Works Secretary Romeo Rodríguez told the president that “this will be the largest prison in all of America” ​​and that “it would be impossible for an inmate to leave the complex,” he said. with 23 hectares of buildings.

For their part, the Minister of Defense, René Merino, and the Director of the National Civil Police, Mauricio Arriaza, have informed the Salvadoran President that the prison is guarded by 600 soldiers and 250 police officers.

As reported by the presidency, the prison was built on land “owned by the state” in the municipality of Tecoluca, in the central department of San Vicente, and “will function outside urban areas”.

The construction of this prison was criticized by the opposition, highlighting the lack of transparency, largely due to the passing in the Legislative Assembly, dominated by the ruling party, of a law that would allow the circumvention of the usual controls in state works.

The Cristos organization filed a lawsuit in mid-January in the Constitutional Chamber of the Federal Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional a series of laws that “encourage corruption”, including the special law for the construction of prisons under an exceptional regime, passed by Congress in March 2022, after an escalation in killings.

As part of the state of emergency, a measure Bukele called a “war” against gangs, they arrested more than 62,900 alleged gang members and left more than 7,400 complaints of human rights violations.

This regime defines the right of defense and the immunity of telecommunications, and also extends the period of pre-trial detention to 15 days, compared to the usual three days.

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

Source: La Neta Neta