The Pentagon claims the Chinese balloon continues to hover over the US

Pentagon spokesman, General Pat Ryder, He specified in a press conference that the balloon is 60,000 feet from the surface (18,288 meters) above the center of the continental United States.

“The balloon has changed its trajectory,” said Ryder, who declined to go into detail about its exact location, noting that it will “probably” fly over the country for a “couple of days.”

He explained that the airship is “maneuverable” and that it has a large cargo hold under its surveillance apparatus, the contents of which he did not specify.

Although they have concluded that it does not pose a threat at this time, the US spokesperson stressed that the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) follow their movements “closely”.

“Military commanders have determined that there is no physical or military threat to the people on the surface,” the general noted, though they will continue to monitor their movements and review “the available options.”

United States decided not to destroy the device because it currently poses no danger and for fear that the fall of its debris could be dangerous to the surface.

Source: El heraldo