Fashion metallurgist Paco Rabanne dies at the age of 88

Francisco Rabaneda y Cuervo, better known as Paco Rabanne Born on February 18, 1934 in the town of Pasajes in Spain’s Basque Country, he died this Friday at his home in northwestern France, at the age of 88, according to sources confirmed by the fashion company he founded.

Dubbed by Coco Chanel as fashion’s “metallurgist”, Paco has earned a special place in the sophisticated fashion world, armed only with tweezers and metal plates. adherents of esotericism, Rabanne He also made a name for himself with his eccentric sayings.

“Since childhood I have been interested in esotericism. My mother was very pragmatic, but my grandmother was a shaman, she introduced me to world knowledge at a very young age. Fashion made my living, but that wasn’t my main focus,” he explained in a 2005 interview.

Be born Francisco Rabaneda-Cuervo On February 18, 1934, his mother worked as a tailor for Cristóbal Balenciaga in San Sebastián.

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His father, General Rabaneda-Postigo, commanded the military barracks of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War and was shot dead by Franco’s troops in 1936. In 1939 the family fled to France.

Rabanne He studied Fine Arts (Architecture) in Paris and graduated. He originally designed accessories, jewellery, ties and buttons for Dior, Saint-Laurent and Cardin. He then decided to enter the fashion world with the idea of ​​introducing new materials and techniques.

In 1966 she presented 12 dresses made of “contemporary materials” at a resounding fashion show. In the provocative show, black models danced barefoot on the catwalk for the first time. His first metallic suits weighed more than 30 kg.

In 1968, Paco signed a deal with the Spanish perfume brand Puig and launched “Calandre”. In 1986, Puig, who already owned the Nina Ricci and Carolina Herrera brands, as well as the Prada and Comme des Garçons perfumes, bought the whole house. Rabanne.

trip to the cinema

Tailor also worked for the cinema. He was responsible for the costumes of the films. Two or three things I know about himby Jean-Luc Godard or barbarian, By Roger Vadim

puck Rabanne He believed in reincarnation and in the past King XV. She claimed to have had other lives, including that of a prostitute who served Louis. popular. He also stated that at that time he saw God and was visited by aliens.

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In one of his 1999 books, he announced that Paris would be destroyed by the fall of the Mir space station, based on a very personal reading of Nostradamus’ prophecies.

In the same year, he left his home-based haute couture business and focused on ready-to-wear (mass-produced according to certain sizes or sizes that can accommodate large numbers of people).

Gradual, puck Rabanne He distanced himself from design, but remained committed to the fashion world and was part of the festival juries, with which he likes to appeal to the younger generation.

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