Most Coveted Jobs: Positioning yourself as an influencer in Paraguay

The Remitly company recently released a map based on global Google searches in 2021 and 2022, starting with “how…” and a job at the end of the sentence. The results showed areas of interest per country.

Social media exposure and positioning is a huge draw for people as being an influencer tops the list in 11 countries including Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Most Wanted Jobs_.png

In Mexico, the majority dream of becoming a Youtuber. The most common internet searches in the United States were how to become an airplane pilot.

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Nearly a million searches are made for “how to become a pilot” worldwide each year.

NATO, World Cup or Bad Bunny is a Google trend for Latinos in 2022

The map also shows that people in many countries of the world are looking for information about writing. Mainly in Eastern Europe, South Asia, Scandinavian countries and Central and North Africa.

Across Europe, only Italy is interested in becoming an entrepreneur. The most interesting profession in China is nutritionist.

Source: Ultimahora

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