The Pentagon believes Ukraine will not be able to recapture recently occupied Crimea

Expert media assures that Pentagon officials shared these results in a secret briefing with US lawmakers and that Ukraine, which plans to recapture Crimea as soon as possible, may not like the news.

Four senior officials from the US Department of Defense and members of the House Armed Services Committee attended the meeting.

Politico emphasizes that it is not clear how officials reached this conclusion, but the “evidence is clear” on this point: “The Pentagon does not believe Ukraine will be able to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine anytime soon.” Evacuate the peninsula Moscow took almost a decade ago.

An unmanned aerial vehicle attack was carried out on the headquarters of the General Staff of the Navy of Russia in Crimea.

Politico recalls that the assessment of these officials is in line with recent statements by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley.

“Starting this year, I think it will be very, very difficult to militarily expel Russian troops from every inch of Ukraine and Russian-occupied Ukraine,” Milley said at a formal rally.

Russian troops have occupied Crimea since 2014 and the peninsula is filled with air defense systems and tens of thousands of Russian soldiers.

US media reported that most of these infantry units were stationed in fortified positions stretching for hundreds of miles and engaged Ukrainian forces along the Dnieper River.

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