Lula accuses Bolsonaro of “preparing” an attempted coup

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva denied the allegations Jair Bolsonaro In the interview aired on RedeTV, which airs Thursday night and is pre-watched on social media. Brazil.

“This citizen has prepared the coup. I say it loud and clear: this citizen has prepared the coup.”

When asked by the interviewer if he had mentioned Bolsonaro, Lula replied: “I’m sure Bolsonaro has played an active role and is still trying to get involved.”

Lula assured that the Bolsonaristas intended to implement their plan on January 1, the day he took office, “but they realized that this was not possible because there were too many police officers and too many people on the streets.”

A week later, on January 8, thousands of radical Bolsonarists occupied the Planalto Palace, the presidential seat; and the buildings of the House of Representatives, Senate and Supreme Court severely damaged the headquarters of the Three Forces to force a coup.

The Supreme Court is investigating serious events such as a coup attempt and has brought Bolsonaro into the investigation to clarify whether he incited his supporters to attack institutions.

In the interview, Lula reiterated that Bolsonaro “should be held responsible for these crimes” and also said he should be “brought to justice” for his refusal to vaccinate during the epidemic and for allegations of “genocide” stemming from the humanitarian crisis. crisis. Yanomami Indians.

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Bolsonaro has been in the US since December 30, two days before he leaves the presidency, and is getting a tourist visa to stay in that country.

The situation of the far-right leader is further complicated this Thursday by statements made on social media by Senator Marcos do Val, who is close to Bolsonaro, that the former president was trying to persuade him to take part in a coup against Lula.

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