Ukraine ruling party: Minister of Defense will be transferred


According to several international news agencies, Ukrainian Minister Reznikov from the corruption-fighting Ministry of Defense will be transferred to another ministerial post. David Arachemia, leader of the ruling party in parliament, said among others that Reznikov would be replaced. The transfer has not yet been officially confirmed.

Arachemia told Telegram that the war requires “a change in personnel policy.” According to him, Reznikov will be replaced by the current head of military intelligence, Kirilo Budanov.

The head of the ruling coalition talks about a sensible choice. He says departments like defense should be run by people with a defense or security background, not wartime politicians.

“Zelensky must decide”

Reznikov, who took office as Minister of Defense less than four months before the war in Ukraine, did not want to say much today about his possible transfer. When journalists asked him about this at a press conference, he replied that such a decision had to be made by President Zelenskyy. “He hasn’t spoken yet,” she said.

Reznikov admitted that no minister is in office “forever”. That’s why you should always be prepared for such a scenario.”

During the war in Ukraine, the 56-year-old politician campaigned for Ukraine to join NATO. He also maintained close ties with his Western colleagues and oversaw arms shipments to Ukraine.

corruption scandals

Earlier today, Reznikov announced that a comprehensive investigation into corruption scandals is underway at the defense ministry. They revolve around a disclosure in a Ukrainian newspaper two weeks ago that the ministry was buying food for the front at very high prices.

Reznikov later denied that the money was withdrawn, but the deputy defense minister Shapovalov was forced to leave the field. He resigned from his post because he was in charge of grocery shopping.

Ukraine has been struggling with conflicts of interest and bribery in politics and business for decades. Reznikov spoke strongly of wartime corruption, which he said was always prone to “looting” during his service.

Source: NOS


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