Mass cyber attack reported in Italy


Thousands of computer servers around the world have been attacked by a server ransomware attack, Italy’s National Cyber ​​Security Agency (ACN) reported on Sunday.

The organization warned the international community not to take any measures to protect its systems.

Italian experts identify as a target the VMware ESX server which has shown some vulnerability in other similar incidents in the past.

ACN has already inspected and urged “dozens of systems” that may have been compromised to “immediately” update in the case of some of the servers “exposed” by the attack.

The “ransomware” method often used by “hackers” and used in this case involves locking the system and demanding money from the user to unlock it.

The ANSA news agency reported attacks on servers in countries such as France and Finland, as well as in the United States and Canada.

Dozens of Italian organizations were likely affected and many more were warned to take steps to avoid blocking their systems.

Telecom Italia customers reported internet problems on Sunday, but it is believed that the two problems are unrelated.

Source: La Neta Neta


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