First ‘drug publishers’ convicted under new law

First ‘drug publishers’ convicted under new law

The Rotterdam court has sentenced seven people to more than three to five months in prison for alleged “drug use”. The men went to the port of Rotterdam without a permit, presumably to purchase cocaine in sea containers. The prosecution had demanded a prison sentence of four to 11 months.

These are the first convictions based on the new so-called exhaler law. Until now, fines of 95 euros could only be imposed on persons entering prohibited areas without concrete evidence of male drug offences. From January 1, prison sentences of up to one year can be imposed. Anyone who, for example, cheats on security or uses a false pass can face up to two years in prison.

Under the new legislation, the judge will first offender Three months in prison is appropriate. If a person enters the port area by climbing through an entrance gate, this fine is increased to four months. In the case of two or more suspects, the sentence can be increased by a third.

Source: NOS