EU Parliament’s list of Israel’s ‘enemies’: There are also Italian MPs

The European Parliament was to draw up a list of Members of the European Parliament, left and right, to keep an eye on, in view of the Holocaust Remembrance Day celebrations and Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to Brussels on January 26. This was reported by the Spanish newspaper El Diario, which obtained a list by Eurochamber’s Information Security and Analysis Unit allegedly used to implement “preventive measures” by security services, as we read in an internal email. “not to cause any damage to structures and tangible assets”.

Who is on the list?

On the list is, among others, Italian MEP Francesca Donato, vax-free and former League of the North, who now joins Totò Cuffaro’s UDC. According to a quote from the list published by El Diario, Donato reportedly “used the star of David as a symbol for not being vaccinated in an anti-vaccine tweet.” vaccination campaign”. Along with it, other right-wing lawmakers who have been accused of sympathizing with Nazism in the past are also on the list. However, there are also many left-wing lawmakers who criticize pro-Palestinian stances and the Israeli government and its policy of occupying Palestinian territories.

Among them is Manu Pineda, a Spanish lawmaker from the Left group who was denied entry to Israel by Tel Aviv authorities last May, despite being the head of an official delegation to the European Parliament. “They have firm positions against Israel, not against anti-Semites,” says Eurochamber’s document. During the discussion on “two-state solution perspectives for Israel and Palestine” in Strasbourg on 13 December 2022, Pineda defined Israel. “A murderous regime that detains and kills Palestinian children every day and carries out a systematic policy of ethnic cleansing and racial discrimination”. He also described Israel as a “colonial regime”. Then there are the MEPs of the European Parliament, who are known for their fascist and pro-Nazi sympathies: for example, German Martin Buschmann, “a member of the German neo-Nazi NPD party in the early 1990s”, and Hungarian Marton Gyongyosi. The far-right Jobbik party, which “proposed a list of Jews in the Hungarian parliament in 2012” and “many sources are a Nazi and a Holocaust advocate”.

Parliamentary Defense

An official source tells El Diario defending the European Parliament election: “For obvious reasons, we cannot comment or detail the security measures implemented.” “Parliament continues, even during major ceremonies or events such as the commemoration of the Holocaust that took place in the 26th century, it should exercise due diligence, taking all reasonable precautions to implement security measures aimed at preventing any damage to structures and property.” January 2023. Where preventive measures are required, they are taken in full compliance with the statutes of the Members of the European Parliament and their independence as enshrined in the 1976 Electoral Law”.

The news about Israel’s list of hostile lawmakers came one day when another lawmaker, green Ana Miranda Paz, was denied access by Tel Aviv authorities. Paz was expected to make an official two-day mission to the Palestinian territories. The Spanish MEP, a member of the Galician nationalist bloc, condemned the incident via twitter, and the EU Commission expressed “disappointment” with the “surprising” decision.
“The MEP was part of an official delegation, the Israeli authorities had been warned. Respect for every member of the European Parliament is one of the foundations of good relations between the EU and Israel,” a Commission spokesperson said.

Even Maltese Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament expression “Deep disappointment” with Israel’s decision. He had already done so last year, on the occasion of Pineda’s visit stopping. On days when the Spanish lawmaker was supposed to lead the parliamentary delegation to Israel, Metsola nevertheless went on a three-day visit to Tel Aviv. It was paid for by the state of Israel. A lawsuit that emerged recently after the Qatargate scandal.

Source: Today IT