War in Ukraine, Stoltenberg alarm: China wants to send weapons to Russia

Between Russia and the West there is always very high tension. According to the declarations of Jens Stoltenberg, when trying to initiate a peace agreement, at the same time China promises arms to Russia. NATO has seen “signs” that China “is considering and may plan” to send weapons to Russia to help it in the war in Ukraine. The accusation was made by the general secretary of the Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, in an interview with Reuters reported by the main international media.

“We have not seen any lethal aid supplies from China to Russia – NATO number one warned – but we have seen signs that they are considering and perhaps planning to do so and it is the reason why the United States and its allies have issued a very clear statement about this.” According to Stoltenberg, “obviously China should not support Russia’s illegal war, a flagrant violation of international law” and Beijing should not, especially since it is a member of the UN Security Council and Moscow has violated the UN charter. . ¬ęThe basic principle of the charter is respect for the integrity of other countries – underlined the NATO secretary general – and not invading another country with hundreds of thousands of soldiers. And China shouldn’t be a part of that.”

Source: IL Tempo