Drug dealer who had surgery to “look Korean” and not get caught

Plastic surgery not to show off, but not to be recognized and not to wear handcuffs. This is a ruse practiced by a Thai drug dealer who has undergone several hundred plastic surgeries to look like a “handsome Korean man” and evade the law, according to local officials.

His name is Saharat Sawangjaeng, but he chose the nickname Seong Jimin. The 25-year-old, who has been wanted for three months, was apprehended in an apartment in Bangkok last week. They tracked down the ecstasy trade to other sellers and buyers in Bangkok, now he is accused of importing illegal drugs. Sahara Sawangjaeng2

For the investigators, “A drug lord who was only 25 years old and imported MDMA from Europe. We believe there are more suspects abroad. We will continue our investigations”. The 25-year-old admitted to ordering MDMA on the darknet using cryptocurrencies.

In an arrest video provided by the police, Sawangjaeng said he plans to move to South Korea: “I want to start a new life. I’m sick of Thailand.” Sawangjaeng had already been arrested three times and the surgery became an escape.

Source: Today IT