‘Beijing is honest about the source of the COVID epidemic’

Following the latest report from the US Department of Energy (reported by the Wall Street Journal and covered in the world media), the Covid-19 virus was most likely caused by a laboratory leak, and the virus, which killed close to 7 million people in the world in 2020, received a harsh response from China. . Beijing is reacting to Washington’s new hypotheses, responding to its new hypotheses by sending a clear message to the United States and its allies: “We must stop clamoring about this theory of a laboratory leak, stop slandering China and stop politicizing investigating the origins of the virus. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning. , said at a press conference in Beijing. The spokesperson sent a not-so-secret message to the US, replying to a journalist’s question, “Investigating the origin of Covid-19 is a matter of science and should not be politicized.”

Did Covid arise from a laboratory error in China? New releases are coming

The new revelation exacerbates the political and ideological conflict between Beijing and Washington. Despite the White House being cautious about the new US Department of Energy filing, senior US officials are adding fuel to the fire. US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns believes the US should “force” Beijing to be more “honest” about the origins of the Covid pandemic. In a video message released during an event organized by the US Chamber of Commerce, the ambassador said China needed to be more honest “about the origin of the Covid-related crisis, what happened in Wuhan three years ago.” The reference is to the city in central China where the first case of transmission was reported in December 2019.

“Stop saying Covid was born from a lab leak”

Beijing has always supported the natural origin of the virus, not because it was born in the laboratory and then spread outside, but through a bat, for example. And the new US intelligence report that the virus likely spread after a “leak” from the Wuhan lab will cause the Asian giant to be more determined to defend its position.

Source: Today IT