Ukraine, Rampini’s bomb: “The US wants to freeze the war”. So the korean model

“In the US there is the possibility of ‘freezing’ the war in Ukraine, under the banner of ‘least worse’, if the alternative is to continue fighting indefinitely”. This is the beginning of Federico Rampini’s article on the conflict between Kiev and Moscow in the Corriere della Sera. The journalist revealed the latest rumors about the possibility of ‘peace’ with Russia, as has happened in the past: “The most cited precedent is the 1950-53 Korean War, still unresolved since there is no treaty of peace between the warring parties. However, that ceasefire seventy years ago allowed South Korea to ‘win the peace’”.

“Among those reflecting on how to get out of the current impasse in Ukraine, the Korean precedent – explains Rampini – serves as a reminder that sometimes history forces us to settle for the ‘lesser worse’. Even more so if the West were convinced that a victory for Ukraine is impossible. The will to move forward in our countries is not justified by the sacrifices we made, which were much smaller than feared. Polls indicate the same trend everywhere from the US to Italy, a progressive erosion of support for aid to Kiev. Right or wrong, public fatigue will affect some governments.”

Rampini then reveals the risks of this path to a ceasefire: “Russia could use it to rearm, rebuild its arsenals and prepare new attacks. However, the possibility exists that the three major European powers, UK, France and Germany, will offer formal security guarantees to Ukraine, promising to intervene in its defence, perhaps in the form of treaties. These guarantees could work as a ‘bridge’ in anticipation of Kiev’s entry into NATO, which cannot happen in the short term”. The road to ending the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is still tortuous.

Source: IL Tempo