Restrictive measures in Soledad apply until after Easter: Serret

Restrictive measures in Soledad apply until after Easter: Serret

On the morning of this Monday, February 27, Samir Serret Brango, Secretary of the Government of Soledad, spoke in dialogue with EL HERALDO about the increase in murders committed during the first two months of the year in the municipality of Soledad, Atlántico.

According to the official, a series of measures have been taken to reduce the number of homicides in the municipality of Soledeño and to make the police more operational to strengthen the security and coexistence of citizens. “The measures will be transient, that is, we will evaluate them after Easter, and it will be exclusively about dances and events that gather staff,” he said.

He also sent a safety report to the citizens and asked them to trust the authorities. “The office of the mayor of Soledad works through the government secretary, the national police, the national army and the rest of the public power for the coexistence of citizens,” Serret said.

For his part, Camilo Gómez, commander of the sixth district of the police in Soledad, stated: “These killings are the result of retaliation between criminal gangs living within the municipality and that the respective investigations are already being carried out, together with the Prosecutor’s Office general of the nation.” .

They also invite the residents of the municipality of Soledad who are not afraid to denounce the criminals who are in the municipality.

Source: El heraldo