Released protest leader Suriname: Clashes will continue as long as people have nothing to eat

Surinamese protest leader Stephano Biervliet is free again. Biervliet, also known as Pakittow, was the organizer of the anti-government protests that spiraled out of control on February 17. He had reported it to the police.

During the February 17 protest, the parliament in Paramaribo was raided, shops and gas stations looted. Biervliet had already said that he had nothing to do with the riots. He was imprisoned for a total of ten days.

After her release, she told reporter Nina Jurna, “I was reported to have committed murder, theft, looting, attempted arson. “Where I come from, ma’am, I was not brought up that way.”

Relatives and supporters awaited Biervliet in prison:

Biervliet also criticized the security services and the police, which he said were not well prepared for such a big demonstration. “With all the loot in the city, there was not a soldier, not even a policeman. Your preparation was very poor. You failed.”

The protest leader said the struggle will continue as long as prices do not fall, the exchange rate does not fall and purchasing power does not increase. He also gave some advice to President Santokhi: “I want to say to the President, you should also go to the people, go to the neighborhoods, go to the ghetto, go to the Moffinas, go to the neighborhoods and see if that’s true. case people eat. Because people have nothing to eat on the table.”

Many Surinamese are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet due to high prices. Politicians cannot find a solution. Ten days ago there was an explosion of violence. What’s next? Reporter Nina Jurna uncovers problems in Paramaribo.

Source: NOS