11-point agreement to avoid conflict between Serbia and Kosovo

The official agreement has not been signed yet, but the 11-point agreement reached between Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti in Brussels yesterday is undoubtedly a step taken to end the tension between the two countries and prevent a new tension. Military conflict on the brink of the EU.

Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting, co-sponsor of the talks and the EU’s high representative for foreign policy, Josep Borrell, said, “Progress has been made today and I congratulate the parties for their commitment.” The document, supported by all 27 member states of the bloc, primarily stipulates that, without prejudice to mutual status recognition, neither party should resort to violence to resolve a dispute or seek to prevent the other from participating in international bodies. This is an important demand from Kosovo.

“The parties will develop normal and good neighborly relations based on equal rights between them. “Both sides will recognize each other’s national documents and symbols, including passports, diplomas, license plates and customs stamps,” reads the first clause. Belgrade has not yet given the green light to recognize Kosovo as an independent state, but passports that will, according to the treaty, recognize, They agree to recognize official documents such as diplomas and license plates and not to hinder Kosovo’s membership in any international organization, including the EU.

In article 5 there is a reference to possible accession to the European bloc: “No side shall, on its own merits, block the other side’s progress on its EU path and encourage others to block it”. The text also calls on both sides to “provide an adequate level of self-government for the Serbian community in Kosovo and the ability to provide services in certain areas, including the possibility of financial support from Serbia”.

Some tricky points, such as those of the Serb community in Kosovo, were left out of the agreement. For more details, we will have to wait for a formal agreement that Brussels hopes to reach at its summit with all the leaders of the 27 member states by March. Noting that Serbia is holding back the agreement for now, Vucic said, “It is positive that we have spoken and I believe we will overcome unilateral actions that will endanger the safety of people on the ground.” we have to “sit down and work” to come to a real deal. “I believe we are on the right track on the one-way road to normalization of relations with Serbia and a good European neighbourhood,” Kosovo Prime Minister Kurti regretted that the Brussels meeting did not end with an official decision.

Source: Today IT