A woman stabbed her former partner with a knife when he intervened in a drunken brawl between her and a female friend. Niccola Lewis left her victim with a deep gash on one arm that exposed underlying muscle and required plastic surgery to repair. Lewis has several prior convictions for violent crimes, for which she has always received immediate prison sentences, until now.

Georgia Donoghue, Prosecutor, told Swansea Crown Court that on 18 July 2021, a loud “commotion” was heard coming from the defendant’s apartment in Neath. She said Lewis’s ex-partner was visiting her brother, who lived down the block, and, worried about what might be going on upstairs, she went to investigate. When the ex entered the defendant’s apartment, she saw that Lewis and his girlfriend were engaged in an argument. Lewis was holding a Stanley knife and his friend was holding scissors.

The court heard that the former partner tried to intervene, but Lewis “hurried in” and the victim immediately felt pain in her arm and saw blood oozing from the wound. The victim left the apartment and called 999, but a friend was passing the address and took the bleeding man to Morriston Hospital. Meanwhile, police arrived at the apartment and found the 42-year-old defendant to be “unsteady on her feet and slurred”. Police officers seized a bloodstained handmade knife on the property.

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The court heard that the victim suffered a 6cm deep laceration to his right arm which exposed muscle. Surgery was needed to repair the wound and he was left with a permanent scar. In a victim impact statement read out in court, he said he feels “weakness and discomfort” in his injured arm and that the scar is the first thing he sees every morning when he wakes up. He said he suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and said the attack and the resulting scar greatly affected his self-confidence, adding that he now has a habit of wearing long-sleeved shirts to hide the injury.

Niccola Christina Lewis, of Simla Road, Neath, previously pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm when she appeared in the dock after being arrested at an earlier hearing for appearing in court drunk. He has three previous offenses of assault and battery on his record, as well as assaulting emergency responders, possession of a sharp object, and two common assaults, one of which occurred just weeks before the knife incident. The prosecutor informed the court that the delay in deciding the case is explained, in part, by the time it took to carry out the medico-legal examination of various objects seized in the defendant’s apartment.

Rhiannon Lee of Lewis said the defendant was someone who had experienced “significant trauma” in her life and used alcohol as a “crutch”, but said her client was now trying to rebuild her relationship with her family and understood that could not . continue on your way. The lawyer said the defendant never intended to harm her former partner and was “devastated” by the injury she caused, saying Lewis just wanted to go home to her family and her dog.

Judge Paul Thomas KC said he accepted that Lewis’s partner may not have been the person she stabbed, but told the defendant that she had caused an open wound on the victim’s arm that required plastic surgery and left an irreversible scar. . He said he carefully read the defendant’s pre-sentencing report and noted that she had eight previous sentences, which were either community orders or suspended prison terms, but had violated at least three of them. The judge told him, “You’ve had chance after chance to make amends with the help of the probation service and other agencies… Reluctantly, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time for you to serve a custodial sentence. With a one-third discount for pleading guilty, Lewis was sentenced to 16 months in prison. She will serve up to half of that period in custody before being released on leave to serve the rest of the community.

Source: Wales Online