8 years in prison for trans woman who raped two women

A trans woman in the UK has been sentenced to 8 years in prison for raping two women before undergoing gender reassignment surgery. The sentence lasts until January, but the explanation of the reason for the sentence at this time brought the transphobia debate in the country back to the agenda.

Isla Bryson, name of convicted woman, found guilty of raping two women while still a man (birth name Adam Graham) in 2016 and 2019. The sentencing judge acknowledged that Bryson was seen as “somewhat vulnerable” due to her negative childhood experiences, but at the same time, addressing the accused, she added: “Your vulnerability cannot be an excuse in any way for what you did to these two women. “

Bryson’s case was also prominent because of the conditions of her detention: as a trans woman, she was assigned to the Cornton Vale Women’s Prison. But her arrival has raised concerns among politicians and activists who have complained that there is a rapist in an all-female prison. With the intervention of former Scottish prime minister Nicola Sturgeon, the decision to transfer Bryson to the male structure comes from here.

Source: Today IT