‘Students gassed’: Tehran’s new edition

Another case of drunk schoolgirls in Iran, with more than 650 cases since November. As the news agency reported my classificationWhile 35 students of the ‘Khayyam’ girls’ school in Pardis city in Tehran province were hospitalized, emergency services were sent to the school to check the situation. None are in danger of dying, but some have reported being unwell for weeks.

The story of the poisonings in Iran

Since the end of November, hundreds of young Iranian women have reported symptoms of gas poisoning. None died, but dozens suffered from respiratory problems, nausea, dizziness and fatigue. “It has become clear that some want all schools to be closed, especially girls’ schools,” the deputy health minister said on Sunday.

The attorney general announced last week that a criminal investigation had been opened, arguing that the available information indicated “the possibility of crime and deliberate action.” The first poisoning occurred on 30 November, when 18 students from the Nur technical school in the religious city of Kum were hospitalized. Since then, more than 10 girls’ schools in the surrounding province have been targeted.

At least 194 girls were allegedly poisoned at four schools in Borujerd, in the western province of Lorestan, last week.

Source: Today IT