“Russian invasion will not be repeated”: NATO promises weapons to Ukraine, even after the war

NATO’s military support for Ukraine will not end with the end of the conflict. This was announced by Jens Stoltenberg, general secretary of the Atlantic alliance, who is keen to explain that it is no longer enough to help the country attacked by Russia as it defends itself against invasion. Stoltenberg’s trip to Helsinki today will instead be necessary to “ensure that this kind of situation never happens again”.

“The most important thing right now is to support Ukraine,” said NATO number one, answering journalists’ questions. However, Stoltenberg acknowledged that “no one knows when the war will end”. But the secretary general already has a recipe for the post-war stage: “We will have to strengthen Ukraine’s defenses to prevent a reoccupation by Russia.” Stoltenberg later returned to NATO’s promise to welcome Ukraine sooner or later in Kiev under the so-called Euro-Atlantic ‘umbrella’. A long-term commitment that would not lead to Kiev’s entry into NATO in the short term ensured that the former Norwegian prime minister was now head of the military alliance.

Stoltenberg’s remarks came at the same time as offensive remarks from the Kremlin to the leaders of Germany and France. According to the Russian government, he is said to be guilty as the two countries no longer want to have contact with President Vladimir Putin. He gave an interview to the newspaper IzvestiaPutin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, complained, “We’ve heard multiple statements from Scholz and Macron saying that they will continue to talk to Putin to find a way out of the situation. However, no attempt has been made recently.”

“Everyone should know that no request or consideration has been made about the possible timing of such a meeting,” Peskov said. military operation”.

Source: Today IT