Dian verifies the handling of goods at the Tierra Santa warehouse that intervened

Dian verifies the handling of goods at the Tierra Santa warehouse that intervened

As of the morning of this Tuesday, February 28, Dian officials entered to inspect one of the Tierra Santa warehouse headquarters, located on Calle 72 between carreras 45 and 46, in northern Barranquilla, where they would apparently present some irregularities in the handling of the goods sold on site.

This medium learned from a source close to the trial that the officials arrived at the company when bundles of clothing were taken from the warehouse, presumably without bill, and deposited in a nearby office, where the security zone works, for which reason went to inquire about the procedure .

Let’s not forget that the Tierra Santa clothing stores were intervened last year by the police and the prosecutor’s office during an investigation into alleged money laundering, illicit enrichment and smuggling. However, it should be noted that a Guarantee Auditor released 11 of the people involved in the case, among these board members.

But the clothing and home goods stores were managed by the Special Assets Society, SAE, through a custodian that oversees the administration and productivity of the chain’s assets.

In this sense, according to reports, the representatives of a firm called Sarta y Aragón, which today manages the clothing stores, are the people who must answer for the alleged irregularities.

In addition, it was learned that the Department of National Taxes and Customs would have taken 22 packs of clothing from the place for verification after the inspection.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the Dian has “conducted facilitation and monitoring visits to taxpayers, where in addition to verifying the status of their obligations, it will guide and guide issues such as: collection, inspection, guidance on Single Tax Registry- issues (RUT), Single Registry of Beeficiaries (RUB), Simple Taxation Regime (RST) and Electronic Invoice”.

The purpose of the actions, which will be conducted on three days of each month and will focus on specific areas of each city, is that the state agency hopes to recover nearly half a billion pesos owed by taxpayers selected for the visits.

Source: El heraldo