Peruvians disapprove of Congress and Dina Boluarte’s rule

Opposition to the Peruvian Congress reached a record high of 90% in February, while popular opposition to President Dina Boluarte rose from 76% to 77%, according to a poll by the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP) this Sunday. The newspaper La Republica.

The poll, conducted from February 18 to 22, shows just 6% of the public supported the work of lawmakers, who rejected four motions this month proposing electoral pressure, one of the main demands of anti-government protests. It exploded in December, killing a total of 70 people.

In the south of the country, a stronghold of social movements demanding Boluarte’s resignation and the demand for a constitutional assembly, parliamentary rejection rises to 95%.

The president, on the other hand, has 77% of the opposition, which rises to 86% in the south of the state.

The IEP poll also shows that 69% of Peruvians think it is appropriate for the country to hold general elections this year, 19% support the 2024 election, and only 8% think that the terms of the executive and legislature will expire in 2026 expire.

In early February, Congress surprisingly failed four attempts to bring forward the general election, nullifying the possibility of an election this year.

Similarly, according to the poll, 73% of citizens always want Boluarte to step down and 25% believe he should remain president.

The president, who took office on December 7 after the failed coup of former President Pedro Castillo (2021-2022), has repeatedly reiterated that his resignation “is not in danger”.

Since protests broke out last December, 70 people have been killed in clashes with police.

Source: Ultimahora

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