“Vladimir Putin lives with former gymnastics champion Alina Kabaeva”

Former gymnastics champion Alina Kabaeva, whom many believe is the mother of at least three of Vladimir Putin’s children, is reportedly living with the Russian President in his luxury residence in Valdai. This was written by Proekt, an independent Russian site specializing in investigative journalism, stating that Kabaeva will use the Kremlin leader’s funds through advisors to the Cypriot offshore firm Ermira.

In turn, Ermira controls Real Invest, the owner of the Putinka vodka brand, which insures the revenues. The Russian president divorced his wife Ludmilla in 2013, and for some time there has been talk of an affair with Kabaeva, although the two have never been seen together in public. Various sources cited by Proekt now confirm their coexistence. The woman’s helpers and family would reside in the large Valdai residence, and a nurse would have an apartment nearby.

According to the newspaper’s report, a wooden house was built in Valdai district, which is a traditional women’s and children’s home, to accommodate gymnasts and children. The former champion also has a luxury penthouse in Sochi with a swimming pool, cinema and helipad, writes on the site, where several photos of the interiors of the ‘Czarina’ luxury apartments are shown.

However, according to the report, ‘carina’ spends most of the year in St. He would spend his time in Valdai, a region known for its rolling hills and lakes, halfway between St. Petersburg and Moscow. Kabaeva would live in his estate surrounded by his sisters and cousins, five women who never left him and “helped him in everything.” According to Proekt, Kabaeva currently owns real estate worth $120 million. The other three apartments in the Black Sea resort were to be registered in the name of the ‘gymnast’ grandmother.

The huge penthouse in Sochi is located in the Royal Park residential complex, which was put up for sale in 2009 for 450 million rubles (equivalent to 15 million dollars) and then bought two years later for just 90 million (about 3.2 million dollars). time) or one-fifth of the originally declared value. According to Proekt journalists, Oleg Rudnov, a man very close to Putin, led the operation. By 2015, the company was in St. It belonged to Vladislav Kopilov, a lawyer from St. Petersburg; but in reality the Ermira accounts would pay for the purchases of Putin and his relatives.

Source: Today IT