They stop the riders for a checkup: they find a mummy in the backpack

A 600-800-year-old mummy, dating back to pre-Hispanic times, was found inside a rider’s thermal backpack during a check by Peruvian police at Puno park in Peru last Saturday. Julio Cesar Bermejo, 26, found with the mummy in his bag, was arrested while he was with two of his friends. The young man justified himself to the agents by saying that the find had belonged to his family for decades. Images of the incredible discovery are already circulating on social networks. The mummy, affectionately called “Juanita”, is claimed to have been held by the Bermejo family for over 30 years. All without the knowledge of the authorities, at least until last Saturday.

The Peruvian Ministry of Culture declared the mummy a “pre-Hispanic cultural asset” with an estimated age of between 600 and 800 years: a mummified adult male, possibly from the eastern part of Puno in the Peruvian Andes, according to experts. the area is about 1300 kilometers southeast of Lima. Braincase’s analysis confirmed that he was a 45-year-old man: therefore, not “Juan”, as the mummy was named “Juanita” by the family that hid it in recent years. Peruvian authorities ordered the confiscation of the mummified remains in order to preserve and preserve the pre-Hispanic heritage.

Source: Today IT