“A Bakhmut withdrawal is possible.” Twist, Zelensky’s adviser speaks

“A Bakhmut withdrawal is possible.”  Twist, Zelensky’s adviser speaks

“Ukrainian armed forces may consider a strategic withdrawal from Bakhmut if necessary.” The war between Ukraine and Russia continues unabated, but a turning point may have arrived. The possible surprise move was revealed by an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to the Guardian. Russian forces continue to advance in Bakhmut, the Ukrainian Army General Staff said in an update. Russia is trying to encircle Bakhmut and use its “better”, “better trained and more experienced” troops than Wagner’s mercenary group, Ukrainian economic adviser Alexander Rodnyansky told CNN. “Our military will obviously weigh all options. Until now they have maintained the city, but if necessary, they will withdraw strategically, because we will not sacrifice all our people for nothing”, he underlined, referring to the 4,500 civilians who remain in the city, who can no longer be evacuated because they are in accessible areas.

Zelensky himself intervened at Bakhmut’s crossing, who knows how important it is to hold the point and not retreat in the new critical point of the war: “The hardest battle is in Bakhmut and in the battles that are fundamental to defend the city. The intensity of the struggle is growing.”

Source: IL Tempo