Covid, FBI makes USA and China discuss again: “Virus that came out of a laboratory”

Tension between US and China returns to highest levels. And this time it’s the FBI’s fault. “It is very likely that Covid-19 came out of a Chinese laboratory, that is, it was the result of an error in a laboratory in Wuhan”. FBI Chief Christopher Wray made these remarks, explaining in an interview with Fox News that “The FBI has long believed that the origins of the pandemic are likely linked to a possible laboratory accident in Wuhan. The Chinese government, in my opinion, has done its best to obstruct and confuse the work that we are doing, and that is unfortunate for everyone. A team of FBI experts is focusing on the risks of other possible biological hazards to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, including hostile nations. covid? We are talking about a possible accident in a laboratory controlled by the Chinese government that resulted in the deaths of millions of Americans. As early as 2021, two FBI sources quoted by CNN said they were “quite convinced” that the Covid-19 virus had come out of a laboratory in China.

However, China has the US director’s statements, accusing the US of “political manipulation” of the issue of traceability of the virus at the origin of the pandemic. “China is firmly opposed to any form of political manipulation based on tracing the origin of the virus,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said, pointing the finger at US intelligence agencies, whose conclusions , he said, “sane has no credibility”. global scientific cooperation in tracking,” the rest of Ning’s words.

The statements by the head of the agency further inflamed the debate about the leak from the laboratory, reopened with force in recent days with the revelations of a report by the Department of Energy which, based on new intelligence assessments, relaunches the thesis of the laboratory accident. Revelations that triggered the attack by Republicans, who have always supported the thesis of the laboratory leak, which will open a House investigation next week into the origins of the virus and the response of the Biden administration.

Source: IL Tempo