TikTok is a worldwide affair. “National security at risk”, anxious US

TikTok is a worldwide affair.  “National security at risk”, anxious US

TikTok’s security issues are now a global topic and are increasingly critical situations raised in the application developed in China. “The United States is concerned that China is using TikTok to collect private data on US citizens. We’ve made it clear that the app is a problem and we’re concerned about our national security, so we’re asking Congress to act,” White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre warned in no uncertain terms during her usual briefing with the press. , who asked for clarification on the measure passed by the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which gives President Joe Biden the authority to ban TikTok and other apps.

Meanwhile, even in France they run for cover. Answering phones for members of the French government and the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, do not have the TikTok application. So underlined at the end of the French Council of Ministers the spokesman for the transalpine government, Olivier Véran, responding to a question about possible measures against the Chinese social network after the decisions of the United States, Canada and the European institutions. «The President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and members of the Government have service telephones that, in any case, do not allow the installation of social networks. No professional phone has the Tiktok app or other social networks,” clarified Véran. “In ministries such as Defense or the Interior, it has already been requested that social networking applications are not installed on service telephones. Reflection is ongoing with regard to other ministries and possibly central or territorial administrations”, explained the spokesperson. For Véran “we do not want these applications to have data that is processed outside the EU because that depends on European sovereignty and we are not naïve on this issue.” The West’s war of nerves with China continues, with heavy pressure on the TikTok issue.

Source: IL Tempo