Frogmore Cottage, disfigurement of King Charles: court uproar after Harry and Meghan’s eviction

Moving to five rooms plus services? Never! Prince Andrew refuses to move into Frogmore Cottage, Harry and Meghan’s former home. What is the reason? He considers it a “downgrade” of his 30-bedroom, 98-acre Royal Lodge and swimming pool on the grounds of Windsor Castle, though he may soon have no money to pay rent. Charles III, in fact, decided to revoke the subsidy of £250,000 a year and confirm the exclusion, decided by Queen Elizabeth II, from any assignment of “royal work”.

Iron fist after the Duke of York got involved in the Epstein sex scandal (a year ago Andrea made a millionaire deal with her accuser Virginia Giuffrè, a minor at the time of the events). The events of the “reprobates” of the Windsor house are intertwined. It emerged this week that Charles notified Harry and Meghan of their eviction from Frogmore Cottage on January 11, the day after the ‘Spare’ memo was published. They have to move in the summer to hand over the keys to their uncle, despite having signed the lease renewal in May 2022. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could not object to the monarch’s order, but sources close to them, including writer Omid Scobie, said they were “shocked and horrified by cruel punishment”.

Yes, because if they ever want to return to the UK, the Sussexes will have to ask for hospitality or go to a hotel: the King has not offered them any alternative homes. Not to mention that they will have to transfer everything to California where they will pay higher taxes than in Great Britain. What’s more, without residency, Prince Harry would no longer be eligible to serve as an adviser of state. So are we on the showdown? Is it the prelude to the definitive departure of the English Crown?

Certainly Charles III’s aim was to resolve unfinished business and remove the thorns from his body in time for his coronation on 6 May. But the younger brother resists, daughters Eugenie and Beatrice support their father and Harry and Meghan plan the counterattack, perhaps finding a way to ruin the day they’ve been waiting for 70 years (at the moment it’s not known if they’ll be invited). Meanwhile, they take pictures at the exclusive San Vicente Lodge in Los Angeles, a club for the super-rich worth £4,200 a year. Happy and glamorous despite American magazines chasing rumors about a strong marriage crisis due in part to the dissatisfaction of the former actress. Meghan believed that she combined the royal title with hundreds of millions of pounds, but found that she was “a prestigious servant of the people” with many privileges. A script so bad it ended.

Source: IL Tempo