Orion 23 What Happens in France: Massive Exercise Begins

Orion 23 What Happens in France: Massive Exercise Begins

“Orion 2023”, a massive military exercise involving around 7,000 troops, took place in the Mediterranean and southern France. The operation simulates an intervention in a fictional country (“Arnland”) destabilized by well-equipped militias and bordering a powerful state (“Mercury”), the architect of the unrest. This is the biggest exercise in recent years in Europe and the Corriere della Sera revealed some details: the exercise does not concern only military areas, firing ranges or uninhabited areas, but also fighting among the civilian population.

“We have never carried out an exercise of this type with such a long duration”, explained General Yves Metayer, who is the link between the Air Force, the Army and the Navy. Scheduled for 2020, Operation Orion takes on even greater significance with the return of war to Europe a year ago, when Ukraine was invaded by Russia.

At the end of this landing, the troops will have to invade the Gardiole massif, north of Frontignan. This phase of Exercise Orion will continue until March 11

Source: IL Tempo