Ignore Covid-related alarms: 100,000 WhatsApp messages are harassing ex-British minister

With the Covid emergency behind us, politicians leading European countries during the pandemic are starting to admit their alleged mistakes in managing the health crisis. After the Italian investigations concluded in the past days, Matt Hancock, who was the Minister of Health in the UK from 2018 to 2021, was targeted. such as sampling all patients in care homes in the UK to prevent the spread of infections and therefore an immediate increase in victimization in nursing homes for the elderly.

Claims against ex-minister are part of journalism investigation Lockdown FilesPublished by The Telegraph, which incited the Conservative Party. The statements are based on 100,000 WhatsApp messages sent and received by government official Johnson during the pandemic crisis. , that the politician wants to write a memoir. Hancock had already chosen the title: The Pandemic Diaries.

But when Oakeshott looked at the messages, he thought they were “in the public interest” and decided to send them all to the British Conservatives reference paper, which he chose to publish from Tuesday. Now Hancock laments “a gross betrayal and breach of trust.” “There are many other things I can explain,” the reporter replied. However, media attention is focused on the content of the messages rather than how they reached the newspaper.

As it turned out, Hancock bypassed then-Education Minister Gavin Williamson’s request to close schools in December 2020, as was done by many European states at the time. The former health minister has described teacher unionists as “complete scumbags” in other WhatsApp messages. Among other information that has emerged is the fact that the UK government changed its policy regarding masks in the UK in August 2020 just to avoid a dispute with the Scottish government. The messages also contain alleged nepotism. For example, at a time when there was a swab shortage, the former minister sent a kit to the home of another then minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, to get his son tested for Covid.

Source: Today IT