The driver allegedly crashed into the woman’s home, sending his car crashing through a divider and into the neighbor’s yard before fleeing the scene. The dramatic incident took place on the Brintagh Road in Gorseynon shortly after 8pm on Thursday 2nd March, and the driver of a Jaguar drove through a resident’s garden fence and crashed into his home, leaving a large chunk missing.

During the collision, the resident’s car, parked in the driveway of her home, was also seen crashing into the neighbor’s garden, breaking a brick wall. The driver then fled the scene, despite some residents trying to intervene.

South Wales Police have appealed to anyone who witnessed the incident or has video of what happened to help with the investigation. Get Swansea stories straight to your inbox with our newsletter.

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The car drove through the garden fence to the driveway.

It also collided with a resident’s car, which broke the bulkhead on impact.

The resident of the home declined to comment, but his neighbor Sam Jenkins explained how he witnessed the incident after hearing a commotion outside his home. He explained: “At 8 pm there was a big bang, I went outside and when I walked out the door I could already see bright lights and hear a bang. The adjacent wall was in this place, but it could be seen that something was happening behind it. .. When I got up, I started shouting: “What are you doing?” The driver then knocked down the wall, went around the pole and accelerated onto Brintagh Road.

“From there I called the police. The neighbors were outside. We found a broken license plate that was left behind and the police put it back together and then drove away. My first reaction was just shock. The whole street came out to help the neighbor.”

A South Wales Police spokesman said: “At around 8.10pm last night (March 2nd) Police officers responded to reports of a collision on Brintagh Road, Gorseynon. A gray Jaguar collided with a house, causing extensive property damage, a parked car and a garden wall. After that, the car accelerated. Police officers continue to investigate the incident and urge anyone who may have witnessed the collision or who may have video of the incident to contact South Wales Police on 101 citing 2300069373.”

Source: Wales Online