They arrest the influencer Luisa Espinoza on suspicion of child pornography

The influencer rose to fame for being a member of the technocumbia music group High voltage and then he was a part of TV shows. After that, it became popular due to a series of controversies that started when an intimate video leaked of the 26-year-old with the YouTuber Felipe ‘Loco’ Crespo, in which she became popular on the adult content platform and started earning more than 10 thousand dollars (about 48 million Colombian pesos).

Espinoza was investigated following a video she posted on the internet in December 2022, in which she is observed give sweets to different students in exchange for letting her touch her breasts outside a guayaquil university, but he tried to justify what happened by saying that teenagers do worse things these days, like smoking.

We asked the guys before recording and we told them we would cover their faces. They said yes. I calculated them about 16-17 years. (…) I did something wrong, I did something wrong”, he stated in the local medium Extra.

In the four operations of the Police and the Public Prosecution Service found electronic devices with 10,000 videos explicit by children and adolescents in sexual actsthese are part of the evidence used to capture Espinoza along with two people.

Source: El heraldo