Three teenagers were arrested on suspicion of theft after police received reports of people on the roof of an abandoned hotel in Conwy on Saturday night. According to North Wales Live, police cordoned off Clonmel Street in Llandudno shortly before 5pm on Saturday 4th March.

People on the ground saw a large police presence inside and outside the hotel. The hotel closed in May 2020 after a temporary closure in March of that year.

The road was closed for a short time while police dealt with the incident on Saturday before heading to the hotel to make arrests. An armed unit of the armed forces was also reported to be near the hotel, although no weapons were found there. An officer behind the hotel was also seen on a nearby roof keeping watch over the hotel.

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According to people at the scene, several police officers were seen around the hotel following reports of three men dressed in black being seen inside the hotel and on the roof. After the arrest, the police re-entered the hotel to conduct a thorough search of the building.

The police cordoned off the road

Increased police presence

The Queens Hotel has been closed since May 2020. The 83-room hotel has welcomed guests for over a century, with a grand dining room seating approximately 160 people and function rooms comprised of two grand ballrooms. Everbright Hotels, which purchased the site last year, has plans to restore the hotel to its former glory.

A North Wales Police spokesman said: “We received a call at 4.50pm on Saturday 4ththousand In March, three people were reported on the roof of a commercial property in Clonmel Street, Llandudno.

“Officers attended and subsequently arrested three men aged between 13 and 14 on suspicion of aggravated robbery.”

Source: Wales Online