“Look at me, I wasn’t born that way, they did this to me here in Colombia”

She could have died that night dated September 16, 2010; however, he felt that he was reborn from the ashes like a phoenix. He came back to life. This time to keep fighting for his ideals and of course to free himself from the shackles of impunity in his case.

It was about 9:10 p.m., then Rosa Gomez Collante, who was dealing with real estate in London at the time, left a social gathering attended by several of his relatives, in the north of the city of Barranquilla. The breeze and an acquaintance of his, whom he decided to give a lift, were his only companions.

Gómez Collante, who was behind the wheel, drove back to his apartment. But when I went through the carrera 56 with calle 94, In front of the skating rink, two people on a red AX motorbike asked him about the route. She pulled over, unaware that the same individuals were the hunters and they their prey.

The strangers invaded van. The woman was seriously injured and almost unconscious. The little she remembers is that a police officer came to the scene, but did not help her. While a person driving in the opposite direction saw the scene and ran to her aid to take her to the road Altos de San Vicente Clinic.

Source: El heraldo