The WHO reminds that one in 15 people in the world has a hearing problem

The situation was particularly serious during childhood, when three in four children had some form of ear infection before their fifth birthday, the official said. A press conference.

“While hearing problems are so common, services to treat them remain limited,” said Shelly Chadha, director of the WHO’s Deaf Prevention Program, noting that primary care is often undertrained and often left to specialists.

This means that a person suffering from this type of infection often has to travel long distances to see a specialist or pay large sums to receive medical care in specialized centers and hospitals.

Adding to this problem, Chadha said, is the shortage of skilled professionals, which is nearly one in a million in developing countries.

“As hearing loss is common and increasingly common, the challenge presented cannot be met without refocusing the care model and integrating such services into primary care.”

Source: EFE

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