In a park in the Rebolo district, a young man is shot dead

A 21-year-old young man was shot dead near the Parque Lineal in the Rebolo district, southeast of Barranquilla, on the night of Sunday, March 5.

The crime took place at 26 Carrera with Calle 24, of the aforementioned sector, at about 9:45 p.m. In that area, the fatal victim was identified as Abraham Garcia.

There, according to witnesses, he was approached by an unknown person, who pulled out a firearm, shot him several times and fled with the help of a motorcycle that was waiting for him.

García, for his part, remained on the floor before the lost and frightened looks of those present. They could not help or transfer him to a medical center as he died on the spot.

Finally, forensic experts from the Sijín of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police were in charge of the technical inspection of the corpse, as well as the relevant investigations to clarify the fact.

Source: El heraldo