Holiday nightmare, couple sues tour operator: ‘They abandoned us at sea’

Five million dollars. This is compensation demanded by a married couple who had a nightmarish experience to say the least on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Alexander Burckle and Elizabeth Webster decided to sue the local tour company, accusing the staff of “leaving them in the ocean while we were snorkeling”. The story, which has appeared in various US media, dates back to September 2021, when the two newlyweds were on Lana, a small island near Maui. The sea grew as the couple intended to snorkel, but the Maui Sail Company boat that was supposed to bring them ashore was not in the area. Realizing that the boat had left them in the middle of the sea, the duo tried to stay afloat as well as sending distress signals.

“The spouses – reading the complaint submitted by the two wives – were struggling to survive in the ocean. They were afraid of drowning and panicked several times”. Fortunately, the two managed to reach the “exhausted and thirsty” shore of Lanai a few hours later. Arriving on a deserted beach, the couple tried to write “sauce” and “help” in the sand, but with little luck. They were rescued by some locals who rescued them immediately, brought them water and allowed them to use the phone to ask for help. According to the couple’s lawyer, Jared Washkowitz, the tour company was very “erratic” and “unclear” with customers and was unaware of the couple’s absence when the boat returned to shore.

Source: Today IT