They shoot at a bus in an attempted robbery near the Free Zone

In the morning hours of this Tuesday, March 7, passengers on a bus passing Carrera 30 with Calle 17, near the Zona Franca, experienced minutes of panic after a subject was apparently shot at from inside the car in the midst of an alleged robbery.

According to the account of the driver of the Coolitoral company vehicle, the unknown person wanted to slow down so that his accomplices could enter: “I am going to the Free Zone, I picked up a passenger, when he got in, he grabbed a gun and tried to so I could hold the bus and three more henchmen take off and rob everyone”.

The driver responded. “I didn’t let myself go, I closed the door, the guy shot me next to me. I quickly hit him until later and from there the passengers and I grabbed the subject, grabbed him and lowered him,” he added please.

“It took 20 minutes for a police patrol to arrive in that area, which would normally be business. We handed the man over to authorities along with the firearm,” the victim said.

Similarly, the driver of the vehicle, as well as several passengers, asked the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police to prosecute the alleged robber, because although there is no complaint against him, the weapon was found red-handed.

Source: El heraldo