The man commits suicide, his wife finds a body in the closet 8 months later. He believed she was lost.

For eight months she believed she was missing, believing that her husband had gone with no intention of returning. And then the terrible discovery: the man had committed suicide, and his body was in the wardrobe. The incredible story took place in the US state of Illinois. Richard Maedge, 53, was first reported missing on April 27, 2022, and police searched the home he shared in Troy with his wife, Jennifer, at least twice to try to find him.

On both occasions, officers reported a “sewage-like” odor inside the house, which was held in dire condition and which officers described as the “hoarder’s house.” But on December 11, eight months after the man’s disappearance, his wife, while searching for Christmas decorations, found the man’s body in her bedroom, in a closet that she rarely opened.

According to the Daily Mail’s report, coroners released a report showing that Richard died by suicide and that when his body was found, he passed the decomposition stage and was embalmed. Jennifer said the last time she heard from her husband was when he called her to say she was leaving work early. When he got home, he had parked Richard’s car in front of the house and found the keys and wallet in the house, but there was no sign of him. Police began searching for the father of three, who reported the foul odor but concluded he was not there.

After a while, the woman called the police to report that the smell continued and that the police returned to search the house a second time, but found nothing. Eventually, Jennifer contacted a plumber who visited the house, who said that the smell was sewage gas and that it was clogging one of the house’s sewer pipes. Tragic discovery at last.

Source: Today IT