Migration emergency, the European Union responds to Meloni on humanitarian corridors

On the issue of how to manage the flow of migrants, the European Union makes itself heard by responding to the letter from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Among the initiatives is the allocation of half a billion euros to fund humanitarian corridors. “The work done by Italy and others to provide safe and legal routes for vulnerable people through humanitarian corridors makes a fundamental contribution – writes the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in the letter sent in response to the letter written by the President from the Giorgia Meloni Council following the sinking of the Steccato di Cutro in the Crotone area – We will provide at least half a billion euros in funds for resettlement and humanitarian corridors until 2025, offering support to the resettlement of around 50,000 people. We will continue to prioritize safe routes Libya and Niger, strengthening the emergency transit mechanism and providing assisted voluntary return opportunities for those not in need of protection, as part of our broader engagement with the EU-African EU-UN Task Force”.

A spokeswoman for the European Commission also spoke on the matter. “We responded to the letter – said the spokeswoman for the European Commission for Migration – The need to find long-term sustainable solutions to the tragedies was recognized, in line with the message that President Von der Leyen conveyed in view of the last European summit The need to redouble efforts in the Migration Pact and, at the same time, act now, with targeted operational measures and the need to address migration holistically in all pillars, from international protection to returns, from fight against the network of traffickers to the provision of corridors for legal migrations».

Source: IL Tempo