The United States Responds to Chinese Threats: We Don’t Want Conflict

China-US High Voltage. Relations between the two superpowers are becoming increasingly complicated. At the center of the debate is the war in Ukraine, Taiwan and the confrontation over alleged Chinese spy balloons. In recent hours, there have been declarations by Beijing that have further aggravated the mood and the United States is trying to pour water on the fire. The US wants to have “strategic competition” with China and “does not seek conflict”. So said the spokesman for the National Security Council, John Kirby, regarding the latest belligerent statements by Beijing.

But what did the Chinese authorities say? China warned the United States to stop trying to contain and repress Beijing to avoid a conflict that would become “inevitable” and have “catastrophic” consequences. The decline of relations between the two great powers was at the center of the press conference given by the Chinese Foreign Minister, Qin Gang, who warned Washington about all aspects of bilateral relations: from the Taiwan question to the war in Ukraine, finally pointing out , , the finger against the US for the diplomatic incident triggered by the crisis of the Chinese spy balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina last month. Qin was speaking on the sidelines of the plenary session of the National People’s Congress, the legislative body of the Chinese parliament, which is expected to renew the Chinese ruling class and reconfirm Xi Jinping at the top of the state with the start of his third term as Chinese president. .

Source: IL Tempo