A corrections officer raped a young woman who was extremely drunk and unable to stop vomiting, the court heard. The alleged rape was discovered after the woman’s friends broke in and the defendant said, “Oh no, now I’m in trouble.”

Glenn Coleman, 61, is accused of raping and sexually assaulting a woman in Cardiff last year after she fell ill after drinking in various city center pubs and bars. It is alleged that he took her to her apartment in a taxi, stripped her naked and raped her in bed. He denies guilt and says the sex between them was consensual.

A video interview was shown at Newport Crown Court on Tuesday with the alleged victim in tears as she told a police officer that she would not have consented to have sex with the defendant, whom she described as “old enough to be my pack”. Describing the alleged attack, he said: “I wanted it to stop, but I couldn’t. I didn’t have the strength to stop him. My body wasn’t doing anything and I wanted it to stop.” She said she was also hurt after the alleged assault.

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Opening the case, prosecutor Roger Griffiths said the woman, who remains anonymous for life, “had a lot to drink” and that those who accompanied her that night described her as “drunk” and “unstable”. One day someone made her sick in a pub.

It was arranged that the alleged victim would take a taxi back to the residence where she would spend the night, and Coleman paid the fee with her. Griffiths described the defendant as a corrections officer trainee at HMP Parc in Bridgend.

Glenn Coleman pictured at Newport Crown Court.

Upon arriving at the residence, the alleged victim said that “I couldn’t stop feeling sick, it was like water”. Griffiths said: “It was there that the defendant took advantage of being very drunk. [alleged victim] and had sex with her without consent… She was so drunk that she could not consent to what happened that night, and the accused took advantage of that situation to have sex with her.”

The court heard that Coleman took off his clothes and the alleged victim’s clothes, got into bed with her and rubbed her back saying, “Are you okay? Okay?” He is accused of sexually assaulting a woman before raping her. She also said that Coleman placed his hands over her mouth during the alleged assault.

When the woman’s friends returned from the night, they found Coleman and the alleged victim in bed together and began shouting at him, to which the court heard him reply, “Oh no, I have a problem.” The police were called and the suspect was arrested. He told police it was consensual and claimed “it wasn’t his intention”. [the alleged victim] I was so drunk.” Mr. Griffiths said, “Our business [the alleged victim] he was simply too drunk to give meaningful consent to the defendant, and his condition would have been obvious to him.”

Coleman, from Handy, near Pontardule, Swansea, has pleaded not guilty to one count of rape, two counts of sexual assault by penetration and two counts of sexual assault. The trial is in progress.

Source: Wales Online