Baptized and confirmed persons can no longer be supported in Italy

According to the Facebook page of one of the dioceses, Monsignor Giacomo Cirulli, Bishop of Teano-Calvi, Alife-Caiazzo and Sessa Aurunca, will issue a decree on March 20 providing for baptism, communion and Christian initiation of adults.

“In the current socio-religious context, the office of godparents has largely lost its original value,” wrote a note referencing the three dioceses united by Pope Francis last February under the leadership of Cirulli.

It is the duty of godparents to “accompanie the catechumens or recognized candidates, not only in the celebration of the sacrament, but throughout the journey of faith. But at the moment that role has almost completely lost its meaning in terms of some kind of official conformity or social tradition,” he explains.

In any case, it is a three-year temporary suspension “not intended to devalue these figures, but to reflect the bishop’s attempt to restore his identity and mission.”

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The liturgical and catechism authorities of the dioceses “will have the delicate task of guiding the progress of the new practice during this three-year period in exploring possible new forms of guidance that will restore the true religious meaning of the office of godfather. ” and godmother”. .

The new practice takes effect on Easter, April 9, and “the priests have the power to grant or deny permission outside the diocese for the celebration of the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.”

Reminding that the presence of these figures is not obligatory in canon law anyway, the bishop recommends giving this power for “legitimate reasons (…) and for reasons unrelated to the presence of godparents. and godmothers”.

“However, those who are required to fulfill the godparent duty in the non-diocesan area can obtain a certificate of eligibility if this duty is not void and will only be fulfilled if the necessary conditions are met and if obstacles are found. ” note ends. Ef

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