Prince Harry says he smokes marijuana to overcome depressive episodes

38-year-old Enrique, Dr. Gabor Mate, who grew up in a “torn family”, is now trying to raise his children Archie and Lilibet in a way that will not pass on their traumatic events to them, according to the Argentine media Infobae.

The speech came after the controversial memoir was published in January. Spare partHe talks about a young man scarred by drugs and alcohol, and his father King King III. Telling about the deteriorating relationship with Carlos and his brother William.

“All my life, ever since I was a teenager, I’ve felt a little bit different from the rest of my family,” Harry said, according to multiple media outlets that broadcast the live interview.

“I felt uncomfortable in that environment, and I know my mother felt the same,” she said, referring to Princess Diana.

According to him, his wife, Meghan Markle, an “extraordinary being” from “another world”, “rescued” him and “brought him forward”.

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Throughout the meeting, Dr. Gabor Mate, author of several books on trauma and addiction, says Prince Harry suffers from attention deficit disorder.

The doctor, who examined the life of the prince, who lost his mother at the age of 12 and later served in the British army in Afghanistan, said he suffered “a lot of trauma”.

According to the Duke of Sussex, he was deployed to that country at least six times and killed 25 Taliban while serving as a helicopter pilot during his military service in Afghanistan. In his autobiography he says that he does not see these 25 souls as “people”, but as “chess pieces” on a board.

These statements caused great anger among the former soldiers. “Enrique turned his back on the other family, the military that once embraced him after tearing his own family apart,” said retired Colonel Tim Collins, who commanded a battalion in Iraq in 2003.

Enrique’s own military instructor, Michael Booley, spoke about these controversial comments in the British newspaper Sunday Mirror.

Booley said he was “surprised” by the Prince’s account of one of his training flights and that what he said was “wrong”.

“I was surprised by this. Even in shock,” he explained.

Enrique, who settled in California after leaving the UK and the royal family in early 2020, recounts in his memoirs that he used marijuana and cocaine in his youth.

He and his doctor explained to Mate that cocaine “wasn’t doing him any good,” but marijuana was “different.” “This really helped me,” he said.

The controversy sparked by the publication of Prince Harry’s memoirs has further alienated him from the royal family, and it’s not known if he and Meghan will attend Charles’s coronation, scheduled for May.

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